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Well, we simply heard of many people who are discovering some potholes in the routes to real love

Mag’s ‘Will You Marry Me Personally?’ Winners Display Like Secrets

Essence Magazine has given one lucky couple a fantastic Valentine’s Day. Gabriel Sheffield and Jasmine Harris will be the champions of magazine’s 4th yearly “Will your Marry Me?” competition, and substance pay for fantasy wedding ceremony and vacation. Both of them talk to coordinate Michel Martin about their admiration tale, winning the competition, and their Valentine’s time ideas.


nevertheless the fact is there are many couples who’ve discover a smoother roadway. One such partners will be here with our team now. Gabriel Sheffield and Jasmine Harris are winners of Essence mags next annual do you want to get married me contest. Essence visitors picked all of them over countless other lovers to victory numerous gift ideas, like a customized clothes, a special cake, and $10,000 toward wedding ceremony fundamentals, and Gabriel and Jasmine become with us today. Welcome, congratulations.

Mr. GABRIEL SHEFFIELD: just how have you been doing? Thanks for creating all of us.

Ms. JASMINE HARRIS: Hey, many thanks Michel.

MARTIN: Well, that has been exciting. You simply discovered that your won?

Ms. HARRIS: Oh, yes

Mr. SHEFFIELD: Completely.

Ms. HARRIS: great.

MARTIN: Exciting. So

Mr. SHEFFIELD: Ideal be realized.

MARTIN: therefore, Gabriel, was it your decision to enter the contest? Manage You will find that right?


MARTIN: just what generated you want to submit?